Welcome to Tango Lagniappe. We are a community of dancers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who share a passion for Argentine tango. Here you will find access to information on the current tango events around Baton Rouge and links to events in New Orleans and Mandeville. Whether you just heard about tango yesterday and want to learn, or you are a seasoned tanguero/a in town for a few days, we invite you to become part of our community.

Tango Classes in Baton Rouge

We hold weekly Argentine Tango classes on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at the Manship Theatre, 100 Lafayette Street, in downtown Baton Rouge. We have a 6 week progressive Beginner Class Series from 6:30-7:30 PM followed by a 15 minute break for practice. This is followed by an Intermediate Class from 7:45-8:45 and then a Practica (practice dance) from 8:45-9:30. Both classes are taught by Casey Mills. The cost is $5 per person per class plus a $3 fee to the Manship Theatre for each person attending for the evening. Check the Tango Lagniappe Facebook Events page for the starting date for the next Beginner Series as well as for changes of venue when the Manship is not available.

Milongas – Weekly

The Baton Rouge Rouge tango community is well known for it’s informal weekly house milonga’s.  You don’t need an invitation to attend a house milonga, all you need to know is where and when it’s happening. There is also a monthly milonga that is held at a local public venue. Both public and house milongas are usually held on Saturday nights. Find out where the milonga is this week here on Facebook  and on the Tango Lagniappe Google calendar. Facebook may have more up to date info.

Tango Lagniappe is on Facebook

The members of Tango Lagniappe participate in a Facebook group by the same name. It is used as a place for members to post pictures and videos, make announcements, or otherwise communicate with one another. This is our most reliable method of communication and it is also the first place in which last minute announcements regarding an event or change of venue will be sent to the group. It’s open to the public and is a great way to get to know the group – besides actually coming to a milonga and meeting everyone in person! Check out Tango Lagniappe on Facebook here.

For more info on Tango in south Louisiana, check out the Facebook pages for New Orleans Argentine Tango Group and Argentine Tango in Mandeville on the North Shore.

Ector Tango

Ector Gutierrez, a New Orleans tango instructor who also teaches in Baton Rouge, maintains an excellent website which typically lists all the scheduled tango activities in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Mandeville. Click here to see Ector’s website and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

Private Lessons in Baton Rouge

Casey Mills teaches privates lessons by appointment.

Contact him at cdmills23@gmail.com or 225-573-2529.

Ector Gutierrez comes to Baton Rouge on a regular basis and teaches private lessons by appointment.

Contact him at ector3@gmail.com or 504-301-7246.

For Current Information contact Sterling Sightler at 225-205-8573


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